I’m a Toronto-based screenwriter and novelist. My stories play with queer identity, grounded sci-fi, tween girl superheroes, and “what would happen if THAT happened” fantasy.

I’m a video artist and culture critic, and I write, podcast, and make videos about the film industry, TV, and classic cinema. In 2020, when we were all stuck indoors, I used some of my extra time to publish a book of essays about George Miller’s 2015 film, Mad Max: Fury Road. My interest there was in how this tale of trauma survival was told — thematically, visually, and practically — as a human story, in the centre of a fireball tornado.

Action figures on my desk right now include: Omega from The Bad Batch; Eleven from Stranger Things; and all three of The Marvels. Ask me about anything in the IP space and I bet you I’ll have something to say.

[An] insightful study of the ‘survival’ narrative. Ingenious layout… a perfect cinema object.

Matt Zoller Seitz on The Cinema of Survival: Mad Max Fury Road

A cuddly Mogwai kind of insanity you can put in your pocket and take home.

Daniel Cockburn on Matt Brown’s films