A Television Series Proposal
by Daniel Cockburn & Matt Brown

One-hour drama

INCHWORM is an ensemble drama about a community of New Yorkers trying to carry on their messy personal lives – while a giant alien object, on Earth for a purpose no one understands, rolls excruciatingly slowly through their neighbourhood, en route to destinations unknown.

For more information, or to read the series outline or teleplay, get in touch.

Untitled Not-For-Profit Comedy

A half-hour workplace comedy set in the bonkers world of a struggling film festival.

In development.

Specs & samples

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Zombie Survival Camp (feature film)

Feuding twin brothers attend a weekend apocalypse roleplay for their fortieth birthdays, then must fight for their lives when the camp is attacked by actual zombies. 101 pages.

Time-Travelling Drunks (half-hour comedy series)

Deadbeat best friends find themselves slipping backwards in time whenever they get drunk… but how can they repair the damage they’ve caused in their own history, when they return to the present the second they sober up? 30-page pilot.

STAR WARS spec script (feature film)

I know what you’re thinking… did this nerd write a Star Wars movie for fun during the pandemic? He sure did. And it is. 131-page speculative draft, set in the Sequel Trilogy era.