The "Hot Dog Guy" meme from "I Think You Should Leave." A white man in a hot dog costume, trying to seem reasonable.

Reply Guy

It’s finally happened: we’ve arrived at a week where I don’t have anything in the chamber for the Friday post… besides links! Enjoy!

  • Sarah Welch-Larson has some things to say about one key line in Furiosa, and about personhood besides. (Reactor Mag)
  • America’s really fucking fucked, huh? That would be a lot more fun to say if all of those people, say, lived on the moon; but sharing the planet with them is becoming an extinction-level threat. Anyway, here’s a piece about Joe Biden’s age, which is kind of a stupid topic (I thought), but also, once I read this piece, my feelings about him, the topic, and aging itself, all kind of changed. (Slate)
  • The last few episodes of the Maintenance Phase podcast do a magnificent job of laying out the pure fraudulence of the recent surging anti-trans movement (particularly the premise of “rapid onset gender dysphoria”), both in terms of the actual data (the Cass Report is highlighted) and the moral panic of it all. Made me feel better about life, which is a weird outcome when confronted with the scope of a problem! (Maintenance Phase)
  • Here’s to Jecki, a queen. I’ve wanted to write a YA novel prequel to Andor for a while now that’s basically just about Cass and Bix’s teen romance on Ferrix as they start getting up to various malfeasant behaviours; now I really want to write a middle-grade “Jecki Lon: Temple Detective” series, where Jecki (all without leaving the sanctity of the Jedi Temple, cuz canon) solves low-impact crimes at the Jedi school. (Vulture)