What if I just wrote it?, part II

“I picked an all-timer of a year to break into professional screenwriting,” has been the joke for the past few months’ worth of coffee conversations with interesting people. This was less about the since-resolved strike and more about the fact that, strike or no strike, the “money gun” of streaming expansion has been, likely permanently,… Continue reading What if I just wrote it?, part II

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My beloved marvels


Look, it sucks. For all the degree to which I’ve maintained — since Iron Man! — that the MCU films are intended, and absorbed on my end, as entertaining Saturday-morning confections, it still bums me out to watch the whole thing fall apart in front of me, because I loved this thing. Part of my… Continue reading My beloved marvels

The fierce paradox of letting go

This entry was written during the 2023 WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Without the labor of the writers and actors currently on strike, this television series wouldn’t exist. To learn more, visit the WGA strike hub and the SAG-AFTRA strike site. Ahoska, the new Disney+ series from Clone Wars co-creator and Rebels co-showrunner Dave Filoni, does a lot… Continue reading The fierce paradox of letting go


The Virgo sky, photo by the author.

Like soup, or the contents of a cauldron It was on or around the weekend before Labour Day, two or three weeks into my “official” efforts at charting out my next source of income, that I realized I was heading for the final week of the first summer I’ve spent outside “the building” in seven… Continue reading Thickening

I’m so fascinated

A 2015 photo has resurfaced of Bob Iger reading his iPad aboard a $400 million yacht, in reaction to his astonishingly tone-deaf reactions to the 2023 WGA / SAG-AFTRA labour actions.

Even if I hadn’t quit my job this year, I think this summer’s strike actions by the Writer’s Guild of America and the Screen Actor’s Guilt / AFTRA would feel like a central idea in … well, everything. My relationship to my own career, both where I’ve been and where I now want it to… Continue reading I’m so fascinated

What if we threw a twitter and nobody came?

Price shot me an invite for Bluesky and I joined (fuckos, I had been on that waiting list for months!). All this turned out opportune, timingwise, because Meta’s threads thing launched, I think, a day and a half later or something. I joined that too — my cold war against the other tedericks require that… Continue reading What if we threw a twitter and nobody came?

Phase Four

So, let’s get into it: what happened with Marvel? Let’s start with some obligatory table-setting: following Phase Three (and, specifically, Avengers: Endgame) would have been a monumental creative challenge for any studio, product line, or storyteller; take your pick for which one you consider Marvel Studios to be. One proposal which makes absolute sense in… Continue reading Phase Four