THELMA & LOUISE Blu-ray Review: Soaring Into the Criterion Collection

A gregarious polyglot as a filmmaker, Ridley Scott has tried a bit of everything. By the time Thelma & Louise hits screens in 1991, he has already made two of the most important science fiction films of all time, and has tried his hand at historical drama, fantasy, and neo-noir. (In the thirty years since,… Continue reading THELMA & LOUISE Blu-ray Review: Soaring Into the Criterion Collection

The Crimes of Skywalker

I went to see Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker when it came out — too many times — and then I never went back. It’s been three years now. I want you to contemplate how weird that is (for someone like me). Or, let the magic of algorithms demonstrate: The Rise of Skywalker has… Continue reading The Crimes of Skywalker

The year the pandemic finally got me. The year I finally got out of the country. The year I took refuge. The year I found my white whale. The year I saw the sun set on the Nile. The year I gave up on Star Wars. The year Star Wars brought me back. The year I owned Burt. The year I quit Twitter. The year I started listening to podcasts. The year I met Enneaka. The year the festival was easy. The year the inchworm stopped rolling. The year I hit the gym. (The year I fell off the treadmill.) The year I crossed the frozen lake. The year I crushed on Danielle Deadwyler emptying a wineglass. The year I became a YouTube influencer. The year I upgraded to 4K. The year I said “be reliable.” The year the book sold out. The year I liked a musical. The year I tasted the brine. The year the sea called me home. The year I saw Spielberg. The year I rolled film. The year I understood every word of The Silmarillion. The year I cried watching Stranger Things (again). The year I realized Rue was the problem. The year I cosplayed. The year I chickened out on Hallowe’en. The year I quit on a Star Trek show. The year I entered my hoss phase. The year she found the trigger point. The year I couldn’t walk. The year I walked plenty, anyway. The year I put my head in my hands as the credits rolled. The year I sat in the window. The year I swam under the boat. The year I touched the desert. The year I brought home the oil.

The best films of 2022

I wonder when they’ll get around to doing a Letterboxd embed for WordPress. Well, until then, here are my twenty favourite films of the year, including category nominations. These will go into my OFCS ballot this week.