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  • 2022

    The year the pandemic finally got me. The year I finally got out of the country. The year I took refuge. The year I found my white whale. The year I saw the sun set on the Nile. The year I gave up on Star Wars. The year Star Wars brought me back. The year…

  • The best films of 2022

    The best films of 2022

    I wonder when they’ll get around to doing a Letterboxd embed for WordPress. Well, until then, here are my twenty favourite films of the year, including category nominations. These will go into my OFCS ballot this week.

  • Samantha


    I have given a name to my pain, and it is Samantha I don’t know why Samantha. The referent most often in my head, since Samantha became persistent enough to deserve naming, is of course Samantha Micelli from Who’s The Boss, but even as I write this I realize that the more likely source of…

  • Quitter


    I’ve started a project — actually, four projects — in various stages of formfulness, and the result is, anytime I sit down to write, it’s more opportune to work on one of them than to write anything internet-facing — which in the post-Twitter world means this blog, cuz I can’t make any of the other…

  • The best television of 2022

    The best television of 2022

    Congratulations to us! We have once again survived a year of “content,” and yet another etch on the sliding scale between what used to be short- and long-form filmed storytelling, and whatever this medium is en route to becoming. And hey, bonus round: we did at least a sixth of it without twitter. And how…