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  • Lackadaisy


    A random catchup post as we make our way towards other, equally random posts.

  • Don’t let A.I. write Star Wars

    Don’t let A.I. write Star Wars

    (Let ME write Star Wars.)

  • The Old E.U.

    The Old E.U.

    So anyway: I re-read the Timothy Zahn Heir to the Empire trilogy. I last read them in the ’90s when they came out; I found three fusty paperbacks (because I am obsessed with fusty paperbacks) of the vintage that once lined the shelves of every male nerd of my generation, and consumed ’em one-two-three on…

  • Plastic crack

    Plastic crack

    In which a hobby is abandoned; a subculture is judged; and secrets are at long last revealed

  • Going to Galaxy’s Edge

    Going to Galaxy’s Edge

    Some travel advice for adventurers to Batuu

  • The Crimes of Skywalker

    The Crimes of Skywalker

    I went to see Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker when it came out — too many times — and then I never went back. It’s been three years now. I want you to contemplate how weird that is (for someone like me). Or, let the magic of algorithms demonstrate: The Rise of Skywalker has…

  • The best television of 2022

    The best television of 2022

    Congratulations to us! We have once again survived a year of “content,” and yet another etch on the sliding scale between what used to be short- and long-form filmed storytelling, and whatever this medium is en route to becoming. And hey, bonus round: we did at least a sixth of it without twitter. And how…

  • Rix Road

    Rix Road

    “THE DEAD SPEAK!!” So began the final episode of A More Civilized Age‘s mini-season of Andor coverage, recapping and responding to the season finale of Lucasfilm’s finest achievement in the Disney era*. Since about twelve hours after I got back from Egypt, I having been devouring this podcast ravenously. I’ve had cause to reflect, in…

  • Fans want power

    Fans want power

    in which it becomes clear that power fantasies for children have fucked up a generation or two of grown-ups

  • “The Republic doesn’t exist out here”

    “The Republic doesn’t exist out here”

    Here I am again: early-praising something that I’m sure will turn out to be heartily disappointing, or incomplete, or about Luke Skywalker, or will reach its endgame to reveal that it was actually the detailed backstory of Grand Moff Jerjerrod all along. (Looking at you, Karn.) But I cannot help it: as someone on the…